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Free MTS to FLV Converter for Mac / Win

The problem comes that users want to convert mts and put mts files (MTS format is a high-definition MPEG, AVC, H.264 transport stream video file format which commonly used by HD camcorders such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic) to share on websites, so the MTS to FLV Converter needs which can convert mts to flv for uploading.

Trim, crop, add special effects and different watermarks, capture visual snapshots and save as JPG, BMP, PNG and TIFF formats. Free download this MTS to FLV Converter to convert mts to flv at once.



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 Easy sharing the guide of converting mts to flv formats

1. The first step is to download MTS to FLV Converter to pc, run this program to enter the main interface:
There are two ways to input mts files:
One is to drag and drop mts files you want to import to this MTS to FLV Converter, dozens are supported.
Another is to click Add File button to load batches of mts files to make preparation for mts to flv conversion.

2. Click the Profile drop down list to choose your output Video format.

3. Click Browse to locate folder to save flv files before uploading to Youtube and other websites. Find flv videos with Open button.

4. If you don't need to adjust video effect, just save all your settings, then click the "Convert" button to convert mts to flv. You will see this screenshot, and you can "Stop" and "Pause" during the conversion.

Optional: Video parameter settings like video codec, audio channels, video frame rate, audio bitrate and more can also be adjusted freely.



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Convert WMV to MOV on Mac and win for free

WMV and MOV are familiar video storage file formats you have probably come across with. WMV is one of many video formats effectively used for live streaming websites. MOV on the other hand is normally supported by media players for personal use. These players can be installed on computers, for mobile phone, and portable devices software.

Since WMV is originally developed for internet based usage, some players such as those mentioned are unable to play it. If you want to enjoy online videos played offline through any of the media players available in equipments mentioned above, you need to convert WMV to MOV.

If you are looking for reliable software for all your file format conversion tasks such as to convert WMV to MOV, try iMoviesoft Free WMV to MOV Converter for Mac and Win. It is easy to download and install online. 



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Guide for converting WMV to MOV on Mac and win for better editing

To convert WMV to MOV like a pro with iMoviesoft Free WMV to MOV Converter for Mac and Win, these are guidelines you can follow:

Download a compatible version to your PC’s operating system. Eligibility prior to downloading this video converter is minimal only and does not impose high system requirement needs. During the process, carefully read instructions to ensure that installation is correctly done. A download progress window will display once it is completed. You have the option to let the installer launch automatically once downloading is at 100%.


The installer is saved by default to a folder for downloaded files. Once launched, you can choose settings such as language and so on. When prompted, you can also opt to create a desktop shortcut for the converter to make it accessible. An automatic launch for the software is also an option once installation is done.


Once the software is launched, you can begin choosing which files to convert. The interface is user friendly. Navigation is even easier. On its left pane, you will see listed files ready for conversion. They may be initially played prior to and after conversion. While on the right pane, is where a currently playing video can be watched. Herewith, volume may be increased or decreased. Other playback functionality such as play, stop, forward, and backward are also seen. Primary buttons are either placed on the upper left hand corner or on the lower right hand portion.


Load input by clicking on the “add” button. This can be represented by a “+” at times. A list of pre-saved files will display. Multiple files can be converted at the same time. You just need to click on “add” and select a file until all desired files are included on the left pane.


Next, choose the output from the input already loaded. Input type is the format of the files you have included. While output is the file format you desire to have them converted into. Since we are dealing with guidelines on how to convert WMV to MOV, input is WMV and output is MOV. Popular audio and video file formats are supported by the software. For a complete list, refer to the “specifications” tab.


When editing your videos, double click on the “settings” icon which should become available once files are loaded. A small pop up editing window will come up. Here, you are able to edit details of the video prior to actual conversion. Personalize your video by editing audio, resolution, and effect. You can also crop its size and trim it for your favorite clips. Pictures within the video can be captured and saved as separate files. Watermarks may be included as well as subtitles. Merging of multiple videos is also possible here. For the best video result, you can compare one edited version to another. Do not forget to save your settings.


Save time and get quality video, try iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter now. To convert WMV to MOV, simply complete the process by clicking on the “Convert” option. Additional function of opening the folder where the output is saved after conversion could be done conveniently. Shutting the computer down automatically could also be programmed.



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Customer Reviews 

Wonderful converter software
by Marvin
May 10, 2014
iMoviesoft Free WMV to MOV Converter for Mac and Win can convert all video in high speed and no quality loss, high compatibility, easy operation, very beautiful interface and so on. It has relative high system requirements. Wonderful convert software with reasonable price. Don't be hesitate, try it first!

Free VOB to MP4 Converter for Mac, Win- Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac and Win

Before you convert VOB to MP4, it is best to understand the difference between the two. For audio and video files, the .mp4 extension name is more familiar than the .VOB file name. This is because MP4’s can be directly compared to the predecessor of audio file formats, the MP3. One can easily describe MP4 as an upgrade of the MP3. In terms of content though, MP3 is limited to audio files only whereas MP4 supports video contents.

A VOB file (Video Object) is a container format in DVD-Video media.VOB is based on the MPEG program stream format, but with additional limitations and specifications in the private streams.

With this, you need to download software which will let you convert VOB to MP4. An inexpensive yet reliable tool is iMoviesoft Free VOB to MP4 Converter for Mac and Win. Try it and you will know.



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Guide of converting VOB to MP4 on Mac and Win

Three major stages will be done to convert VOB to MP4. These are downloading, installing, and using the software.

Downloading will be accomplished by double clicking the download tab. The actual software is saved on your computer’s Program Files. The installer maybe saved on the desktop for faster access. Otherwise, it goes to the “downloads” folder where all other items are saved.

Installing is done in a few steps. Manual or automatic launching of the installer leads you a step by step process. These are simple but cannot be modified anymore so carefully choose your desired skin, language, and other specifications for the software. The installer can be deleted when done.

Using the software is further divided into three additional stages. These involve adding, editing, and converting of files.

Launch the software first using an icon you may place on the desktop or on your PC’s all programs list. This will make it accessible for you whenever you need it.

Adding files is done when you click on the “add” button. This is normally located on the upper left hand corner of the software. Choose all files you want to convert. Specify the input and output. Choose VOB from the drop down list and MP4 for the finish product. The destination folder as to where the file is saved is also needed. You can let the PC direct you or you can specify it to where it is easier for you to locate.

Editing is performed via the “edit” tab also located on the same side where the “add” button is situated. Before and after you convert VOB to MP4, customizing the video can be done. You may edit its size, resolution, encoder, and rate specifications such as on frame, bit, and sample. Doing so will let you have what you exactly need. The outcome will become most compatible to the type of player you will use.

Further editing on special effects, adding of subtitles, extracting of audio, capturing of pictures from video clips, and merging, splitting, cropping, and trimming of files may also be done optionally. Produce different versions of the same video as well to come up with your personal choice.

Converting, lastly, is initiated by clicking on the “start” tab which is spotted right away on the lower right hand portion of the navigation tools.

iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter’s software is ideal for people on the go. There is no need to wait until the process to convert VOB to MP4 is complete. You can attend to other tasks if need be. Make sure not to stay away for too long as the conversion process is faster than how you think it is done. Your computer also shuts down by itself once conversion of all files is finished.

Download iMoviesoft Free VOB to MP4 Converter for Mac and Win now and have the ultimate conversion experience. Excellent video quality is expected. Videos can even be edited like a pro according to your preference. No lengthy waiting period. Conversion is done faster than most conversion software does it. Plus, it is compatible for use any PC’s operating system and all types of major file players. Purchase your own now and get your money’s worth. Try iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter, you won’t be disappointed.



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Customer Reviews 

Powerful VOB to MP4 Converter
by Tony
Noc 24, 2014
"I have now purchased your VOB to MP4 Converter and very impressed and appreciative of the powerful VOB to MP4 Conversion function it provides. Thanks again and kind regards. "

Free MOV to WMV for Mac / Win – how to Convert MOV to WMV?

If you have MOV video, chances are you play it on Quicktime, the native player of Apple. You probably are one of Apple fans. It could also mean that you have just downloaded or saved a in such format. Whatever the reason is, your video is rendered to be played primarily in Quicktime. You will be well off if you have Mac PC for running it. But what if you need to run it on its competitor: Windows Media Player? Sad to say you need to convert MOV to WMV on Mac or Win for it to be played in pro-Windows players.

WMV is the de facto format for Windows Media Player, the resident player of Windows. Most of PCs around the world are Windows-based, so it is prudent to have a copy in this format. So for you to make use of your video to be played in Windows Media Player you have to convert MOV to AVI.

A video converter software is needed to convert MOV to WMV. iMoviesoft Free MOV to WMV Converter for Mac and Win is a good choice for the job since because of its reliability and efficiency. With it conversions of files are faster than other multimedia converters. How can I get my iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter?

Download iMoviesoft Free MOV to WMV Converter for Mac and Win



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


To obtain the program, you have to download it online. Click on the “download” tab to start the process. Some website sources require you to right click on the tab. Highlight and click the “save” option and specify folder where you will save the data. Its icon should be saved on the desktop so you can easily locate it.

The software will be installed afterwards through an installer. Run the installer once download progress displays a 100%. There is also an option to let the installer automatically run when download is complete.

After running the installer, follow the guide. Read everything carefully as there the process is irreversible once you are done. Customize your video by choosing its theme, skin, language and other basic details. Agree to the terms and conditions.

If you have purchased the item already, a registration code will soon be emailed to you. Enter the code when prompted during the process. A serial number will be attached to you copy. This allows usage until the license expires. The “finish” button will confirm when installation is completed. You may now delete the installer shortcut when finished.

iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter Video Converter Premium is designed to make your conversion job free of hassles. Its toolbars are conveniently placed on opposite ends. Formatting buttons are found on the lower right hand portion, while standard ones on the upper left hand corner. The left pane displays files ready for conversion. The right pane is a preview page to watch your movies during pre and post production.


Guide of converting MOV to WMV on Mac and Win for free:

To convert MOV to WMV, launch the software by clicking on the “add” button. In the input file select WMV. The contents of the folder with this file will then be displayed. Just drag everything you want to convert. Then choose WMV as output. Multiple files may even be subjected for conversion at the same time.

Then click on “settings.” An advanced window will soon pop up. Here, you can personalize your video by selecting its size, resolution, audio channel, and rates of the video. You may edit the video further after conversion is finished.

Continue with the “start” tab. This initiates the actual process to convert MOV to WMV. A progress will show the status of the conversion. Additional options after conversion can be chosen through available functions below the preview the page. If programmed, your computer may be shut down when the process is over.

You can edit your movies after the conversion using the same software. You can add theme, background, color, font, and effects for your video. Edit and crop the size of the movie to a perfect fit. Add subtitles. You can even extract audio from the video itself and save it with a music extension name. The same applies for pictures captured within the movie. Save them as image files. You can also make multiple versions of the same file and choose the best one later.

Convert MOV to WMV with iMoviesoft Free MOV to WMV Converter. It is affordable and easy to use. It also allows you convert files at 300% faster speed rate to save time without compromising quality. Download iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter now and enjoy watching your videos in all video players possible.



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Customer Reviews 

Thank you!
by Caleb Ladner
May 11, 2013
I was looking for a video converter to convert and edit some AVI files, came across this one, read some about it, tried it, and liked it. Thanks!"

Convert MOV to FLV on Mac, Win – Free MOV to FLV Convert Mac/Win

MOV is a common video file format which can be played by virtually all file players. These can be video players for computers, for mobile phone devices, and other portable devices.FLV or Flash Videos meanwhile is an internet based video format. It is normally seen on video streaming websites which uses flash. FLV is preferred by for web videos due to its high compression.

These videos can only be played online though. You need to have them converted to other video formats which your player can be able to play offline. If you wish to upload your movies online, conversion is the key to make your files suitable for the internet.

When you convert MOV to FLV format, try iMoviesoft Free MOV to FLV Converter for Mac and Win. It is able to convert files in and out of a group type in its wide range of supported formats. It is easy to download, install, and use. Anyone regardless of technical inclination will be able to navigate the software with no trouble.


Guide of converting MOV to FLV on Mac and Win for online sharing

First, download the software. By default, files are saved to the programs folder. Meanwhile, the installer may be saved to the download folder. There is an option to automatically run the installer once download is finished. Otherwise, it is better to save it on your desktop if you plan to install it at a later time.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Next, complete the installation which involves a few steps. Please pay attention to the procedures. Settings in this stage can no longer be changed afterwards. iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter only offers original and legal items. This is why a license is provided to your copy. Make sure to complete the registration process. This includes providing a unique code assigned like a serial number is.

The “finish” tab will confirm that you are done and is ready to convert MOV to FLV. You can have the installer deleted afterwards. The software may be launched by itself soon after or you can create a shortcut in the desktop for future use.

To begin conversion, launch the software. Start adding files. When you click on a specific format, like MOV in this case, all pre-saved files are listed. From which you can choose all files you want to convert at the same time.

You have the option to specify parameters such as size and frames. Choose the output before initiating the final step to convert MOV to FLV. The desired output in this task is the FLV. The destination folder may be specified or left alone to the default folder.

Clicking on “start” will commence the process to convert MOV to FLV. The progress time will be displayed. When done, you may still continue editing for more options. Configure and finalize your movie according to personal preferences. Layout, font, and size maybe edited. Special movie effects, text, image, color, templates, and subtitles maybe added.

When done with the task to convert MOV to FLV, you can now start uploading your FLV files online. Login to your account on a specified site and follow upload procedures on the website itself. When embedding, upload your movie first on other sites which offer free video, audio, and image support. The URL or link may be shared or embedded afterwards.

iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter Platinum edition is very convenient to use. The interface is user friendly. Navigation, controls, and tabs can be understood even by non-computer savvy individuals. Despite its simplicity, enhancement of the overall outcome of your videos is possible. Customize and edit your videos here like a pro.

It is great for those who are busy. Faster conversion is guaranteed. There is not even a need to wait during the conversion process. You may program the PC to shut itself down automatically once the process is completed.

Quality is not compromised by its conversion speed though. You are still assured of excellent high definition videos produced by using this software.



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Customer Reviews 

Best MOV to FLV Converter software
by Thomas
June 11, 2014
With iMoviesoft Free MOV to FLV Converter , I can easily embed videos in HTML, and it matches my website style perfectly. iMoviesoft Free MOV to FLV Converter is the best MOV to FLV Converter software I've ever used. Keep up the good work!

Free AVI to MOV Convert for Mac/Win – Convert AVI to MOV for Free

AVI is one of the widely used and popular audio-video file format. It is one of the oldest format developed. Most players in computers and portable devices as well as mobile phones can play it. However, it has one striking limitation: it is not supported by Quicktime. Apple prefers to use MOV video file in playing audio and video. For Mac and Quicktime users, you should convert AVI to MOV to be able to watch your video.

AVI was initially developed for Windows while MOV was for Mac. But unlike AVI which is supported by most devices regardless of operating system, Mac computers stick with MOV. Other non-Mac OS that uses QuickTime player also require videos in MOV file.

So if you are a Mac user and you want your videos to be played in your Apple gadgets, you need iMoviesoft Free AVI to VOB Converter to convert AVI to MOV. This software has been proven to be effective based on the positive reviews. By using this, you can now play your videos on Mac PCs and synchronize it with other Apple devices, such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad. You can also extract audio from the videos by just a click of a button.

iMoviesoft Free AVI to VOB Converter for Mac and win, which can convert AVI to MOV, is downloadable. Start the process by clicking on the download prompt. Some browsers may require you to right click on the link. Select a target folder. The installer is best saved in the desktop. Wait for the progress bar to finish.

Run the installer manually if it was not programmed to do so automatically. Complete registration by accomplishing the following steps:

Key in the serial code provided for your suite. This validates the license of your software copy. Review the terms and conditions and agree if you do. The “finish” button will confirm when you’re done. You can delete the installer icon from the desktop as soon as the installation is completed. While a shortcut to the video converter software may be sent to the desktop for easier access.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Guide – To convert AVI to MOV for Mac and Win like a pro do the following:

Launch the video converter first. A Windows and a Mac version are both offered for download. The major buttons on either version are located on the upper left hand and on the lower right hand corners. In Mac, labels such as “Add,” “Clip,” and “Edit” are represented by three round buttons with colors of red, yellow, and green.


Add files to be converted by clicking on the appropriate button. If you choose AVI as the input, all related files on your PC are displayed. Simply drag those you wish to convert. Select MOV as output.


The “settings” option will let you specify resolution, channel for audio, video encoder to use, and rates such as frame, bit, and sample. Further editing may be done after conversion. if you’ve already made the necessary choices click “Convert”.


The conversion would then start once the percentage and remaining time is displayed. You may opt to shut down your computer automatically depending on your choice in the drop down menu.


A checkbox on the lower right of the left pane gives you an additional editing option to merge multiple files into one. You can even extract audio files within the videos themselves and save them as music files. Images can also be captured and saved as picture files.


For best results, you can choose to make different versions of one video. Try and test them based on special effects, size, color, and other editing options available like a pro. Compare and pick the best according to your preference. You can also ask other people’s opinion regarding your finished product.


With this video converter suite, you can create many things. For an affordable price, you can convert AVI to MOV and many other audio and video formats. You can even convert movies rendered in newly developed formats. Conversion is fast and easy. And despite having an enormous conversion speed rate of 300%, video quality remains at its top quality. The software also has PC and Mac versions. Download the iMoviesoft Free AVI to VOB Converter for Mac and win now to make your videos played in your Mac and portable Apple devices.



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Customer Reviews 

Absolutely fantastic
by Donald
Nov 22, 2014
"Absolutely fantastic! So easy to use, no previous experience necessary. Now I am able to watch all my RMVB video on my iPod. Once again, thanks you for providing an opportunity to trial the AVI to MOV converter before buying. The service to me was excellent."

Free MTS to MKV Converter for Mac / Win – How to convert MTS to MP4?

MTS is a new kind of hd video format, common in the sony HD DV recorded video, and users may want to convert mts and play mts format files to play on more media players, this MTS to MKV Converter can be your best assistant to help you conver mts to mkv video format.

Just simple preview click can help you get a file which you want to preview source file and compare with output video, you can also take snapshot at will to store the image you like.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


How to Convert MTS to MKV on Mac and win with Free MTS to MKV Converter?

Before converting mts to mkv, make sure that you have the Free MTS to MKV program download to pc. Install and Run. 
Let's convert mts to mkv step-by-step.

1. With Drag & drop to load MTS files to the program. Or choose "Add files" to locate the files you want to add. For mts batch conversion supported, users can add dozens of mts files at one time. Preview file and take snapshot. By the way, choose the MKV video format from the profile general video list.

2. Of course, you can reset the destination folder area, keep original allowed, then adjust video parameter settings under Advance.

3. Continue adjusting video visual effects with the simple editing functions to clip video length, trim video and add special effects and inset watermarks to modify video to get best video before convert mts to mkv.

4. Start converting mts to mkv conversion with Convert button. The iMoviesoft Free MTS to MKV Converter will automaticall shut down computer or noting to do, just select you want. Certainly, the progress of mts to mkv conversion will cost lest time for you to enjoy mkv files more time.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Customer Reviews 

Your product is excellent
by James
November 8, 2015
Your product is excellent. I was very happy with the results of the conversion of MTS files and MKV files. iMoviesoft does what I need beautifully.