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Convert TRP to MP4 on Mac and Win for iPhone 7/6/5/4

TRP is a high definition video file which contain H.264 video and AC3 audio data. We may often see TRP format files in digital video broadcasting.  But this format is not readily supported by some players and editor tools, especially in Mac OS and apple devices. To achieve this, you need to convert TRP to MP4.

MP4 is commonly used to store digital video and digital audio streams, especially those defined by its predecessor MPEG. MP4 videos have the capacity to be played in most PC and handheld devices, unlike TRP. TRP needs special players to be viewed in Windows, Mac or Linux PCs and other portable gadgets. To make your videos useable by many devices, you need to convert TRP to MP4.

How do you obtain a copy of one of the best video converters? iMoviesoft Free TRP to MP4 Converter for Mac and Win Ultimate, which can convert TRP to MP4, is downloadable online. To start the process, click the download prompt. Some browsers may require you to right click on the link. Choose your target folder. The desktop is an ideal place where you can save your installer.



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Software Name:iMoviesoft Free TRP to MP4 Converter for Mac and Win
Software Description:Convert video and audio for iPhone 7/6/5/4, iPad, iPod and more
Language:English and other 16 languages
Operating system:Windows : XP/Vista/7/8/10 Mac
Category:Video Converting & Publishing
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Guide – Convert TRP to MP4 on Mac and Win for iPhone 7/6/5/4

Launch the video converter. The major buttons on either version are located on the upper left hand and on the lower right hand corners. .

Launch the program
Add files to be converted by clicking on the appropriate button. Once you pick TRP as the input, all related files on your PC are displayed. Drag those you like to convert. Specify MP4 as output.


Add TRP files select output file
The “settings” option will let you specify resolution, channel for audio, video encoder to use, and rates such as frame, bit, and sample. Further editing may be done after conversion. if you’ve already made the necessary choices click “Convert”.


Start convenience
The conversion would then start once the percentage and remaining time is displayed. You may opt to shut down your computer automatically depending on your choice in the drop down menu.

A checkbox on the lower right of the left pane gives you an additional editing option to merge multiple files into one. You can even extract audio files within the videos themselves and save them as music files. Images can also be captured and saved as picture files.

For best results, you can choose to make different versions of one video. Try and test them based on special effects, size, color, and other editing options available. Compare and pick the best according to your preference..

After conversion you can customize your video through editing. You can then edit your movies like a pro. You may add theme, background, layout, color, font, subtitles and effects. You can also edit and crop the size of the movie to a perfect fit for your discriminating taste. You can even extract audio from the video itself and save it with a music extension name. The same applies for pictures captured within the movie. Save them as image files. Also, you can make multiple versions of the same file and choose the best one later.


With this video converter program, you can create videos in many formats. For an affordable price, you can convert TRP to MP4 and many other audio and video formats. You can even convert movies rendered in newly developed formats. Conversion is fast and easy. And despite having an enormous conversion speed rate of 600%, video quality remains at its top quality. The software also has PC and Mac versions. Download the iMoviesoft Free TRP to MP4 Converter for Mac and Win now to make your videos played in the devices that you own.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


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Great TRP to MP4 Converter
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Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know I liked the effects that made my videos happier.