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The mobile phone has evolved into from a mere a communication gadget to a multimedia powerhouse. Aside from relaying information it also functions as an all-in-one tool. Technology has enabled engineers to include camera, mp3 player, video player, Wi-Fi, TV, etc. in this portable device. High-end models can also record videos in 3GP format. But watching in this format is usually limited for mobile phones only. To be viewed in other gadgets, such as personal computers, it is advised to convert 3GP to AVI.

3GP videos, by themselves, are already in high quality. It is similar to an MP4 but is more updated in terms of storage and quality. But MP4 and 3GP are mainly designed for mobile phone units and other portable gadgets. To be able to watch the video in PC, it should be converted to other formats. Among the most popular and most flexible is AVI.

Videos converted in AVI have many uses. The format is usually compatible with many video players. It is also recognized by almost all video editing software available. So once you convert 3GP to AVI, you can harness the full potentials of your video.

But conversion of videos is a delicate process. To ensure that the quality of your video will not decrease, you should choose a quality and tested software. Backed up by many thumbs-up reviews, iMoviesoft Free 3GP to AVI Converter is one of the most trusted software to convert 3GP to AVI.


Guide of converting 3GP to AVI HD

Here are the procedures to convert 3GP to AVI like a pro:

Begin download by clicking on the download prompt. Some browsers may require you to right click on the link. Choose target folder. The installer is best saved in the desktop. Wait for the progress bar to finish.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Run the installer manually if it was not programmed to do so automatically. Complete registration by accomplishing the following steps. Key in the serial code provided for your suite when asked during the process. This validates the license of your software copy. Review the terms and conditions and agree if you do. The “finish” button will confirm when you’re done.

You can delete the installer icon from the desktop as soon as the installation is completed. While a shortcut to the video converter software may be sent to the desktop for easier access.

Next, connect your mobile phone to the PC via USB connection. Open My Computer folder to see if the USB port works and if your unit is recognized by the PC itself. If not, make sure that all involved elements are checked. These include the USB cable, ports both on PC and mobile device, and internal software which enables these ports to be read by the other. Do not attempt to repair any of these if you are not properly trained. Seek professional help if needed.

Then launch the 3GP to AVI video converter software. You can have a shortcut sent to the desktop so it easily located and launched when needed.

Add 3GP files saved from the phone to the converter software. Choose AVI as the output format. Specify the destination folder to have converted files saved.

Input basic video settings such resolution, audio channel, and rates.

Initiate the process to convert 3GP to AVI through the “start” button. When finished, the computer can be programmed to restart or shut down for your convenience.

A checkbox on the lower right of the left pane gives you an additional editing option to merge multiple files into one. You can even extract audio files within the videos themselves and save them as music files. Images can also be captured and saved as picture files.

For best results, you can choose to make different versions of one video. Try and test them based on special effects, size, color, and other editing options available in the entire suite.

The wonders of this video converter are endless. For an affordable price, you can convert AVI to MOV and all other audio and video formats. Even the latest developed formats are supported. Conversion is fast and easy. Despite an enormous conversion speed rate of 300%, video quality is excellent. Download iMoviesoft Free 3GP to AVI Converter now to easily convert movies to a version compatible for any of your hand-held devices.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


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Easy to use 3GP to AVI Converter
by Charlotte
Nov 17, 2014
" Your software is very well written, easy to use. I will be happily recommending your software to my friends."

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