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MOV is a common video file format which can be played by virtually all file players. These can be video players for computers, for mobile phone devices, and other portable devices.FLV or Flash Videos meanwhile is an internet based video format. It is normally seen on video streaming websites which uses flash. FLV is preferred by for web videos due to its high compression.

These videos can only be played online though. You need to have them converted to other video formats which your player can be able to play offline. If you wish to upload your movies online, conversion is the key to make your files suitable for the internet.

When you convert MOV to FLV format, try iMoviesoft Free MOV to FLV Converter for Mac and Win. It is able to convert files in and out of a group type in its wide range of supported formats. It is easy to download, install, and use. Anyone regardless of technical inclination will be able to navigate the software with no trouble.


Guide of converting MOV to FLV on Mac and Win for online sharing

First, download the software. By default, files are saved to the programs folder. Meanwhile, the installer may be saved to the download folder. There is an option to automatically run the installer once download is finished. Otherwise, it is better to save it on your desktop if you plan to install it at a later time.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Next, complete the installation which involves a few steps. Please pay attention to the procedures. Settings in this stage can no longer be changed afterwards. iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter only offers original and legal items. This is why a license is provided to your copy. Make sure to complete the registration process. This includes providing a unique code assigned like a serial number is.

The “finish” tab will confirm that you are done and is ready to convert MOV to FLV. You can have the installer deleted afterwards. The software may be launched by itself soon after or you can create a shortcut in the desktop for future use.

To begin conversion, launch the software. Start adding files. When you click on a specific format, like MOV in this case, all pre-saved files are listed. From which you can choose all files you want to convert at the same time.

You have the option to specify parameters such as size and frames. Choose the output before initiating the final step to convert MOV to FLV. The desired output in this task is the FLV. The destination folder may be specified or left alone to the default folder.

Clicking on “start” will commence the process to convert MOV to FLV. The progress time will be displayed. When done, you may still continue editing for more options. Configure and finalize your movie according to personal preferences. Layout, font, and size maybe edited. Special movie effects, text, image, color, templates, and subtitles maybe added.

When done with the task to convert MOV to FLV, you can now start uploading your FLV files online. Login to your account on a specified site and follow upload procedures on the website itself. When embedding, upload your movie first on other sites which offer free video, audio, and image support. The URL or link may be shared or embedded afterwards.

iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter Platinum edition is very convenient to use. The interface is user friendly. Navigation, controls, and tabs can be understood even by non-computer savvy individuals. Despite its simplicity, enhancement of the overall outcome of your videos is possible. Customize and edit your videos here like a pro.

It is great for those who are busy. Faster conversion is guaranteed. There is not even a need to wait during the conversion process. You may program the PC to shut itself down automatically once the process is completed.

Quality is not compromised by its conversion speed though. You are still assured of excellent high definition videos produced by using this software.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Customer Reviews 

Best MOV to FLV Converter software
by Thomas
June 11, 2014
With iMoviesoft Free MOV to FLV Converter , I can easily embed videos in HTML, and it matches my website style perfectly. iMoviesoft Free MOV to FLV Converter is the best MOV to FLV Converter software I've ever used. Keep up the good work!

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