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Home entertainment is made possible with DVD as most movies are saved here. VOB is the format used for DVD. It has the capacity to contain video, audio, subtitle and menu combined into a stream form. The multiple contents give DVD the power to provide its viewers a complete entertainment package. But unlike other video formats, VOB is restricted to DVD players. It cannot be modified by video editing software. To make your DVD video more flexibility, you need to convert VOB to AVI.

AVI has been used for years. Microsoft developed it in 1992. Yet despite its age, it is still being supported by different players. AVI is also popular to video editors. To make your movies in VOB customizable, it needs a powerful converter. To convert VOB to AVI, choose iMoviesoft Free VOB to AVI Converter.


Guide for converting VOB to AVI for further use.

How can I download?

Download your initial copy. You can start with a trial version. Review the effectiveness of the product during the allotted period. A purchased copy will be distinguished by a serial or code which validates the license of the suite you bought.

To begin, click on the "Free Download". Save the files in a specified folder. If not, it is saved on the computer’s default saving folder. The installer icon is best saved on the desktop for easier access. It can be deleted afterwards when installation is done.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Run the installer when download is complete. You can run it manually through the desktop or setup auto run function while download is in progress. Installation is accomplished in a few steps. Follow the guide. It will prompt choosing of skin, language, etc. Registration code is required to run the program. Read the terms carefully as well since there is no option to go back.

Launch the software when installation is done. A desktop shortcut can be saved so it is accessible whenever you need to use it.

To convert VOB to AVI, add VOB files from pre-loaded items in the computer. Convert multiple files all at once to save time. Choose AVI as the output. Specify destination folder where converted files will be saved. Initially edit basic settings such as rates, resolution, channel, and so on. Further editing may be done after files are converted.


How to convert?

Begin the conversion by clicking the appropriate function bar. You can choose between two options when it is done. You can program the software to either do nothing or shut the PC down once it is finished converting your movies.

Post production may be done right after the process of conversion is finished. Like a pro, you can edit your movies depending on your preference. Crop, cut, and trim videos to make the size perfectly match the video player to use. Add emphasis through graphic effects, color, theme, background, and layout. Choose a favorite movie clip and even save it into an image file. Extract music from your movies and save them to audio files. Merge different movies into one. Compile all groups of changes made and pick the best version.

You can edit your movies using the same software. You can add theme, background, color, font, and effects for your video. Edit and crop the size of the movie to a perfect fit. If you fell that the viewer of the video would have difficulty understanding your video, you may add subtitles. You can even extract audio from the video itself and save it with a music extension name. The same applies for pictures captured within the movie. Save them as image files. You can also make multiple versions of the same file and choose the best one later.

iMoviesoft Free VOB to AVI Converter is the ultimate program to convert VOB to AVI. It is able to format popular file storage types including newly developed versions.

A separate version for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available for you to convert VOB to AVI. iMoviesoft Free VOB to AVI Converter lets you convert files at 600% faster speed rate. Aside from its power it also enables you to convert and edit your files like a pro. Its interface is user friendly. Navigation is made simple with easy to use tool bars. Anyone can use it hassle free. Get great videos with high quality definition. Download iMoviesoft Free VOB to AVI Converter and have the ultimate video conversion experience. 



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Customer Reviews 

Great product and great support!
by Edison Hall
November 2, 2015
Great product and great support! Thank you for guiding me through the program's features. I am really happy with the speed of the conversion and with the outstanding quality of my VOB videos. I will recommend your converter to my friends.

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