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Both WMV and AVI video file formats are developed by Microsoft. WMV boasts newer updates which makes it a preferred format for high definition storage disks. AVI is also popularly used for standard digital video disks (DVDs). It does not support high definition file types yet. Nonetheless, WMV files are usually converted to AVI files because of the latter’s limitless playback capacity. AVI movies are also a computer’s resident video file format. It can be considered as one of the oldest and widely used video format. This is another reason why there is a need to convert WMV to AVI.

To convert WMV to AVI, a video converter software that can be bought and downloaded online is needed. When choosing software to buy, consider cost, quality, and time.

iMoviesoft Free WMV to AVI Converter is a wise choice. Its price is worth its reliability and efficiency. The quality of your videos are kept or even improved. Conversions of files are faster than most conversion software.

To have a copy of your own, download through a reliable source. A trial version will be allowed for usage at a specific period of time. During which you can review the performance of the product.

Downloading is easy. Click on the “download” tab to initiate the process. Some website sources may require you to right click on the tab instead. Highlight the “save” option and choose the destination folder. A default folder for downloaded and files to be saved is often programmed on a computer. You can also program such for your PC.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


iMoviesoft Free WMV to AVI Converter Overview

The software will be installed afterwards through an installer. The icon for it should be saved on the desktop so it can be located easily. Run the installer once download progress displays a 100%. There is also an option to let the installer automatically run when download is complete.

Installation is also easy. After running the installer, follow the guide. Read everything carefully as there is no option to go back when done. Choose theme, skin, language and other basic details. Agree to the terms and conditions.

If you are purchasing the item already, a registration code will be emailed to you. Enter the code when prompted during the process. A unique serial number will be attached to you copy. This allows usage until the license expires. The “finish” button will confirm when installation is completed. You can delete the installer shortcut when done.

Conversion is made simple with iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter. The application is user friendly. Its toolbars are conveniently located on opposite ends. Formatting buttons are found on the lower right hand portion. Standard ones are placed on the upper left hand corner. The left pane displays files ready for conversion. The right pane is a preview page to watch your movies during pre and post production.


Guide for converting WMV to AVI

To convert WMV to AVI, begin by launching the software.

Click on the “add” button.Choose the input file. WMV, for this instance and all related files will be displayed. Simply drag everything you want to convert.

The output in this case is AVI. Multiple files may even be processed for conversion at the same time.

Clicking on “settings” will bring up the advanced pop up window. Herewith, you can edit basic details such as size, resolution, audio channel, and rates of the video. Further editing can be done after conversion is complete.

Continue with the “Convert” tab. This initiates the actual process to convert WMV to AVI. A progress also displays percentage and time remaining. Additional options after conversion can be chosen through available functions below the preview the page. The computer may be shut down once the process is over.

Post production is fun. You can edit your movies like a pro. Add theme, background, layout, color, font, and effects. Edit and crop the size of the movie to a perfect fit. Add subtitles like a real movie. You can even extract audio from the video itself and save it with a music extension name. The same applies for pictures captured within the movie. Save them as image files. You can also make multiple versions of the same file and choose the best one later.

Convert WMV to AVI with iMoviesoft Free WMV to AVI Converter. It is affordable and easy to use. Save time in converting your files with the best video quality. 



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Customer Reviews 

Great product and great support!
by John
NOV 28, 2015
"Great product and great support! Thank you for guiding me through the program's features. I am really happy with the speed of the conversion and with the outstanding quality of my FLV videos. I will recommend your WMV to AVI converter to my friends."

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