Convert WMV to MOV on Mac and win for free

WMV and MOV are familiar video storage file formats you have probably come across with. WMV is one of many video formats effectively used for live streaming websites. MOV on the other hand is normally supported by media players for personal use. These players can be installed on computers, for mobile phone, and portable devices software.

Since WMV is originally developed for internet based usage, some players such as those mentioned are unable to play it. If you want to enjoy online videos played offline through any of the media players available in equipments mentioned above, you need to convert WMV to MOV.

If you are looking for reliable software for all your file format conversion tasks such as to convert WMV to MOV, try iMoviesoft Free WMV to MOV Converter for Mac and Win. It is easy to download and install online. 



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Guide for converting WMV to MOV on Mac and win for better editing

To convert WMV to MOV like a pro with iMoviesoft Free WMV to MOV Converter for Mac and Win, these are guidelines you can follow:

Download a compatible version to your PC’s operating system. Eligibility prior to downloading this video converter is minimal only and does not impose high system requirement needs. During the process, carefully read instructions to ensure that installation is correctly done. A download progress window will display once it is completed. You have the option to let the installer launch automatically once downloading is at 100%.


The installer is saved by default to a folder for downloaded files. Once launched, you can choose settings such as language and so on. When prompted, you can also opt to create a desktop shortcut for the converter to make it accessible. An automatic launch for the software is also an option once installation is done.


Once the software is launched, you can begin choosing which files to convert. The interface is user friendly. Navigation is even easier. On its left pane, you will see listed files ready for conversion. They may be initially played prior to and after conversion. While on the right pane, is where a currently playing video can be watched. Herewith, volume may be increased or decreased. Other playback functionality such as play, stop, forward, and backward are also seen. Primary buttons are either placed on the upper left hand corner or on the lower right hand portion.


Load input by clicking on the “add” button. This can be represented by a “+” at times. A list of pre-saved files will display. Multiple files can be converted at the same time. You just need to click on “add” and select a file until all desired files are included on the left pane.


Next, choose the output from the input already loaded. Input type is the format of the files you have included. While output is the file format you desire to have them converted into. Since we are dealing with guidelines on how to convert WMV to MOV, input is WMV and output is MOV. Popular audio and video file formats are supported by the software. For a complete list, refer to the “specifications” tab.


When editing your videos, double click on the “settings” icon which should become available once files are loaded. A small pop up editing window will come up. Here, you are able to edit details of the video prior to actual conversion. Personalize your video by editing audio, resolution, and effect. You can also crop its size and trim it for your favorite clips. Pictures within the video can be captured and saved as separate files. Watermarks may be included as well as subtitles. Merging of multiple videos is also possible here. For the best video result, you can compare one edited version to another. Do not forget to save your settings.


Save time and get quality video, try iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter now. To convert WMV to MOV, simply complete the process by clicking on the “Convert” option. Additional function of opening the folder where the output is saved after conversion could be done conveniently. Shutting the computer down automatically could also be programmed.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Customer Reviews 

Wonderful converter software
by Marvin
May 10, 2014
iMoviesoft Free WMV to MOV Converter for Mac and Win can convert all video in high speed and no quality loss, high compatibility, easy operation, very beautiful interface and so on. It has relative high system requirements. Wonderful convert software with reasonable price. Don't be hesitate, try it first!

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