How to convert AVI to MP4 HD?

MP4, or MPEG-4, has become the standard format for compressed digital video and audio data, used for streaming video on the Internet, videophone conversations, broadcast television, and CD distribution. For some files or media players, an MP4 file format is required, and you must therefore convert existing files to the MP4 format.


The iMoviesoft Free AVI to MP4 Converter, which we’ll be using to do our conversions, is an easy-to-use software designed to simplify all your conversion processes. Some of the key features include:

  • Convert video to all popular portable players including Pod, Zune, PSP, Pocket PC, Creative Zen, Archos, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, HP iPAQ, iRiver and more
  • High-speed, excellent quality conversions
  • Powerful video editing allowing you to crop, trim, watermark, merge/split, and preview/compare footage
  • Ability to configure advanced settings such as resolution, frame rate, encoder, sample rate, and bit rate
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface allows you to instantly convert video to your required format using just a few clicks
  • Supports high-definition video formats including MTS(AVCHD H.264), M2TS(AVCHD H.264), TS(MPEG-2 HD), HD MKV(H.264, MPEG-2 HD), HD WMV, and HD MOV(H.264, MPEG-4)
  • Converts between all stand video formats including MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MKV, RM, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV, ASF and more



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Guide of converting AVI to MP4 without quality loss.

Over the next five steps, we’ll be discussing converting your AVI files to MP4. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, a special video format defined by Microsoft. Commonly used in PCs, this file type may need to be converted to work on specific players or Mac products. MP4 video formatting will help you watch videos on the iPod, Creative Zen Vision, iAudio, Microsoft Zune, and other portable players. By following these five simple steps, you’ll be able to convert AVI to MP4 with no difficulty at all.


Step 1 – Download and Install iMoviesoft Free AVI to MP4 Converter

This software is incredibly easy to use and will allow you to make any number conversions. In this instance we will use it to convert AVI to MP4.

To download iMoviesoft Free AVI to MP4 Converter, Click the ‘Free Download’ and follow the download prompts, filling out each to the best of your knowledge. Eventually you will be prompted to select a location for your installation. You can go with the default option or select one of your choosing, then continue. If you would like easy access to the software when the installation is complete, select the option to create a desktop icon. Verify all the settings are as you would like and click Install.


Step 2 – Open iMoviesoft Free AVI to MP4 Converter

When the installation finishes, it may ask if you would like to open the software. If you are not prompted, locate the software on your desktop and double click it.


Step 3 – Import AVI Video Files

Now that your iMoviesoft Free AVI to MP4 Converter is open, click “Add Video” to import your audio or video files. From here you will be able to select the files that you would like to convert.


Step 4 – Select Your Conversion Settings

Select the “Profile” drop-down list. In the “Profile” drop-down list you should find a new drop-down list entitled “Output.” Under output, select .MP4 as the output video format.

If you would like to alter the settings of your video conversion, such as resolution, frame rate, video encoder, bit rate, sample rate, and audio channel, click the “Settings” button. This step, however, is not necessary.


Step 5 – Start the Conversion

Once all of this has been accomplished, click the “Convert” button. The conversion will be performed quickly and with incredible quality.


With those simple five steps you will be able to convert AVI to MP4 for all of your mobile entertainment needs. Using this software, you can easily and conveniently take your videos and audio files with you wherever you go.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


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rating 5 star

Your product is excellent

by James
November 8, 2010
Your product is excellent. I was very happy with the results of the conversion of AVI files and MP4 files. Wondershare does what I need beautifully.

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