How to convert MOV to AVI HD?

Today, Apple gadgets are everywhere. The company that was once dubbed as PC for elite has become a technology trendsetter. That is why Mac computers as well as iPods, iPads and iPhones are hot items. But using them sometimes comes with a price. The videos supported by Apple, usually rendered in MOV are not recognized by other players. Being a competitor, Windows readily supports AVI and WMV but seldom MOV. To avoid compatibility issues, it is wise to save another copy of your file in format native to Windows. You should then convert MOV to AVI.

AVI maintains its status as one of the most popular audio-video file format. Despite its old age, most players in computers and portable devices can play it. It is then advisable to convert MOV to AVI so that you can have videos that can play in both operating systems.

To convert MOV to AVI, a video converter program that can be bought and downloaded online is needed. When choosing which software to purchase, consider its cost and quality. iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter is your best choice. Its reliability and efficiency is outstanding even at a low price. The quality of your videos are preserved or even enhanced. Conversions of your files are even faster than most conversion software available.



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Guide of converting MOV to AVI HD with high quality

Downloading process

How do you own your copy? Click on the “Free download” tab to initiate the process. Some website sources may require you to right click on the tab instead. Click the “save” option and select a destination folder. A default folder for downloaded and files to be saved is often programmed on a computer. You may also program which folder to save your AVI file.


The software will be installed afterwards through an installer. The icon for it should be saved on the desktop so it can be located easily. Run the installer once finished. There is also an option to let the installer automatically run when download is complete.


Installation is also easy. After running the installer, follow the guide. Read contents carefully. Choose theme, skin, language and other basic details. Agree to the terms and conditions.


If you are purchasing the item already, a registration code will be emailed to you. Enter the code when prompted during the process. A unique serial number will be attached to you copy. This allows usage until the license expires. The “finish” button will confirm when installation is completed. You can delete the installer shortcut when done.


Conversion process

Conversion is made simple with iMoviesoft’s video converter. To convert MOV to AVI, run the software. Click on the “add” button. Choose the input file—MOV, for this instance—and all related files will be displayed. Simply drag everything you want to convert. Then choose AVI as output.


By clicking on “settings” an advanced window will pop up. Using this, you can edit basic details such as size, resolution, audio channel, and rates of the video. Further editing can be done after conversion is complete.


Continue with the “start” tab. This initiates the actual process to convert MOV to AVI. A progress also displays percentage and time remaining. Additional options after conversion can be chosen through available functions below the preview the page. The computer may be shut down once the process is over.


Post production is fun. You can edit your movies like a pro. Add theme, background, layout, color, font, and effects. Edit and crop the size of the movie to a perfect fit. You can even add subtitles. You can even extract audio from the video itself and save it with a music extension name. The same applies for pictures captured within the movie. Save them as image files. You can also make multiple versions of the same file and choose the best one later.


Convert MOV to AVI with iMoviesoft Free HD Video Converter. It is affordable and easy to use. You can also save time in converting your files as it converts files at 600% faster speed rate than its competitors. 



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


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Powerful Mov to AVI Converter
by Amanda Arnold
July 26, 2010
I have now purchased your software, and I am very impressed and appreciative of the powerful Mov to AVI Conversion function it provides. Thanks

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