How to convert MPG to AVI on Mac and Win for Free

TOD is informal names of tapeless video format. The video format used by some models of digital camcorders from JVC (MOD and TOD), Panasonic (MOD only) and Canon (MOD only). Only some of software and devices support to playback TOD video files. And if you want to import the TOD videos shooted by these camcorders to windows media player for further editing, you've to convert TOD to AVI video firstly. Then to convert TOD to AVI on Mac and Win, a video converter is needed.

AVI had been introduced as early as 1992. Though AVI is left behind by other video formats like TOD in certain features, it is still widely used. Almost all video players support AVI.

Although TOD format is comparable with AVCHD, it cannot playback on consumer video equipment directly. Users have to convert and burn the TOD videos to HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc with some burning software before playback on TV sets. One of TOD recording modes, "1440CBR", has the same frame size, aspect ratio and frame rate as 1080i HDV, and can be loosely called "HDV on disk". But conversion of videos is a delicate process. To ensure that the quality of your video will not decrease, you should choose a quality and tested software. Backed up by many thumbs-up reviews, iMoviesoft Free TOD to AVI Converter is one of the most trusted software to convert TOD to AVI.

Free Download this Free TOD to AVI Converter for Mac and Win . You can start with a trial version. Review the effectiveness of the product during the allotted period. A purchased copy will be distinguished by a serial or code which validates the license of the suite you bought.



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


To begin, click on the download tab. Save the files in a specified folder. If not, it is saved on the computer’s default saving folder. The installer icon is best saved on the desktop for easier access. It can be deleted afterwards when installation is done.

Run the installer when download is complete. You can run it manually through the desktop or setup auto run function while download is in progress. Installation is accomplished in a few steps. Follow the guide. It will prompt choosing of skin, language, etc. Registration maybe required. Read the terms carefully as well since there is no option to go back.

Launch the software when installation is done. A desktop shortcut can be saved so it is accessible whenever you need to use it.


Guide: How to convert TOD to AVI on Mac and win?

To convert TOD to AVI, add TOD files from pre-loaded items in the computer. Convert multiple files all at once to save time. Choose AVI as the output. Specify destination folder where converted files will be saved. Initially edit basic settings such as rates, resolution, channel, and so on. Further editing may be done after files are converted.

Begin the conversion by clicking the appropriate function bar. You can choose between two options when it is done. You can program the software to either do nothing or shut the PC down once it is finished converting your movies.

Post production may be done right after the process to convert TOD to AVI is finished. Like a pro, edit your converted movies according to preference. Crop, cut, and trim videos to make the size perfectly match the video player to use. Add emphasis through graphic effects, color, theme, background, and layout. Choose a favorite movie clip and even save it into an image file. Extract music from your movies and save them to audio files. Merge different movies into one. Compile all groups of changes made and pick the best version.

iMoviesoft Free TOD to AVI Converter is the key to convert TOD to AVI and all other audio and video files. It is able to format popular file storage types including newly developed versions. It supports portable devices such as game consoles, personal assistants, and other equipments. It can convert compatible video and audio formats for mobile phone players. A separate version for Windows and Mac computers are available to convert TOD to AVI.

iMoviesoft Free TOD to AVI Converter lets you convert files at 600% faster speed rate. Aside from its power it also enables you to convert and edit your files like a pro. Its interface is user friendly. Navigation is made simple with easy to use tool bars. Anyone can use it hassle free. Get great videos with high quality definition. Download iMoviesoft Free TOD to AVI Converter and have the ultimate video conversion experience. 



100% Free & CLEAN (NO Spyware And NO viruses)


Customer Reviews 

Congratulations on a terrific product!
by Doug
Otc 17, 2013
"I downloaded and installed your TOD to AVI Converter, it is, by far, the best value, best working software Ive ever bought. Congratulations on a terrific product!.. Your product has a very nice look and fell, and actually delivers more than I thought when I used it. "

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